The Brazilian Jazz Method is Brazil's first method for the teaching Jazz Dance.

Created in 2012, came from the need of unification of the teaching of Jazz Dance, dividing it into levels, each with its characteristics and your goals. In this way, the application of the method allows a more objective assessment of students (levels, evolution, technical quality), teachers (didactics, methodology, range of goals) and the actual course of Jazz Dance itself (final product of each module).

The purpose of this method is to train dancers technically able to perform constant movements of programmatic content with quality, develop the artistic sensitivity, musicality, being able to run the various styles of Jazz Dance.

This course is targeted at teachers who seek to organize the teaching of Jazz Dance logically structured and aimed at better use of classes, and who seek tools that allow to measure the progress of their students. It is also targeted at directors of dance schools wishing to apply the method of teaching in its schools, as a way to plan, unify and evaluate the curriculum proposed to the course of Jazz Dance.

Each module of the course has duration of 8 hours (modules I and II are counted as 1 single module). The course objective is to give grants and tools for teachers so that they can apply the proposed content more efficiently, logic and structured. The handouts will be provided, and the certificates will be delivered at the end of each module.