Andre Matos

Andre Matos El Gato

Dancer, choreographer and Director of OCA - Oficina Corpo e Arte, he began his studies in dance by the year 2001, with varied rhythms of ballroom dancing (with emphasis on Tango, Salsa and Zouk) and also with the Flamenco.

From 2005 has been studying continuously and researching the methods of Classical Ballet, Jazz Dance and Contemporary Dance, having as main masters: In Ballet, Jorge Peña and Neide Rossi; In Jazz Dance, Edson Santos; In Contemporary Dance, has done several courses and workshops with renowned professionals, as Luiz Fernando Bongiovanni, Nir of Volf (IsraelAlemanha) among others. He studied music for 05 years, doing drums and saxophone lessons. Also studied Scene Directing, in SP Escola de Teatro. Follows investing in its improvement and recycling, studying singing with Maestro Paulo Nogueira plus Piano and musical theory.

Among his works, he served in the cast of great operas such as Aida, La Bohème and Carmen, at the Theatro São Paulo Mvnicipal, Falstaff and Betrothal in a Monastery, at Theatro São Pedro. He also composed the cast of Ballet Neo-Concreto, of Lygia Pape, at SESC Bom retiro, among other works.

He was Director General of the Scenic and musical O Barão da Ralé (based loosely on the work of Chico Buarque), A magia da Dança (based loosely on the musical Footloose), and also of the performances of the OCA - Oficina Corpo e Arte, since 2008, along with Patricia Pressutti.